Two young people from Malaga design edible coffee spoons

Two young people from Malaga design edible coffee spoons
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Having a coffee and eating a spoon is possible thanks to the creation of two young university students from Malaga who have created edible cutlery that, in addition to being vegan, gluten-free and without added sugar, helps combat climate change.

As Iván Marmolejo and José Rojas explain to EFE, with this creation, which can now be tasted in six restaurants in Malaga, they aim to reduce “as much as possible” the waste generated when stirring drinks and provide diners with a “different” and amazing.

“What we make are edible stirrers for coffee, that is, these typical sticks that are made of wood to stir the drink, that you use and then throw away. But these can be eaten, so they produce zero waste, at the same time that generate an eye-catching experience for the customer,” says Marmolejo, 20 years old.

Thus, these cutlery, which are made with rice flour, resist the temperature of coffee without melting and have a slight vanilla flavor, go from being a “solely functional” utensil to also being a “healthy” and “nutritious” food.

A “very good” welcome

According to this entrepreneur, the reception is being “very good”, since people are struck by the fact that it is something “very new”. Those who have tried it value, above all, that they contribute to reducing waste generation.

“Many people appreciate it because they say that they always see the typical sticks lying on the ground and this in the end is an alternative that reduces that waste and that they like a lot, because they usually say that it is delicious,” he highlighted.

In this sense, one of the waitresses at the restaurant at the OXO Video Game Museum in Malaga assures EFE that customers tell them that it is a product that they find very interesting and with a very good flavor.


“If someone doesn’t eat these removers it’s because they don’t know they’re edible, says the worker.”

From Costa Rica to Malaga

José Rojas, 19 years old, explains that the idea of ​​making this product was born in Costa Rica, during a trip they took with university classmates.

“We were in the country of coffee and after visiting many coffee plantations and talking to a lot of experts, we became passionate about this world. We thought that we wanted to launch a product around coffee and we thought about edible cutlery, since we saw that there, in Latin is growing a lot,” he detailed.

Upon returning, they contacted a manufacturer located in and, after obtaining the first samples, they toured “all of Málaga”, cafeteria by cafeteria, to show them the product, obtain their impressions and offer it to them.

At the beginning of 2024 they co-founded the company Plash, which they present as the first company in Spain focused on the distribution of edible removers in the hospitality sector.

According to these two young entrepreneurs, the most complicated thing to start the project has been starting from scratch in such a new market without investment, but once they have managed to start the business their objective is to continue expanding throughout Andalusia and then take these edible removers to restaurants and cafes in the rest of Spain.



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