Change of weather in Murcia for the Warm Up weekend: rise in temperatures


The weather has had two faces in Murcia during the month of April. The first fortnight was practically summer, since the beginning of the Spring Festival, and in the middle of the month it reached close to 35 degrees, values ​​typical of the month of June. However, starting in the third week, the maximums softened to normal levels for the time of year.

This has been the general trend until the last week, when storms have broken through the entire peninsula and left the weather colder than normal. In fact, this Monday the Aemet activated the yellow notice on Monday in a large part of the Region of Murcia. However, starting this Wednesday afternoon the rains will disappear in all municipalities, and starting this Thursday the skies will remain completely clear.

Therefore, there is no need to fear a repeat of the nightmare of the past Warm Up, which was ruined by a strong waterspout. This time it will be free of precipitation and can be carried out without problems. According to the forecast of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), the probability of precipitation is 0% and a negligible 5% for Saturday.

In addition, the highs will rise and will leave a summer festival time in one of the first big events of the season. On Friday it will already exceed 25 degrees during the day, so the use of sun protection is recommended to follow the early bird concerts. Saturday’s day will be even hotter in La Fica, almost summer-like, since the thermometers will touch 30.

However, Aemet warns that it will be cool at night, as is usual in each edition of the Warm Up. In the early hours of Friday to Saturday, the forecast is that the minimum temperatures will fall to 12 degrees, so a jacket will not be left over. to follow the last performances of the early morning. The second day will be similar, although slightly less cold, with minimums of 15 degrees. On Sunday, the last concerts in the city squares will be held with more heat: up to 33 degrees will be reached in Murcia.



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