The brutal video in which a cashier is robbed in a supermarket in Malaga to steal 130 euros

The brutal video in which a cashier is robbed in a supermarket in Malaga to steal 130 euros
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A cashier is brutally attacked in a supermarket in Malaga.

Brutal attack in Malaga. On April 24, a cashier at a supermarket in Malaga suffered a severe attack while she was working. Towards the end of her day, a man with his face half covered entered the store and went straight for her. He strangled her behind her back and held her while she asked him for explanations of how she could access the cash register, as seen in the video recorded by the security cameras that has been broadcast on social networks. . The employee is seen trying to point out where the money is.

The man, who never lets go of her, follows her instructions to open the box and take the afternoon’s proceeds. Take the tickets –There was only 130 euros- and enters the interior of the store, disappearing with the worker. Seconds later she appears again, checks if she can steal anything more and, seeing that there is no more money, she leaves the establishment as if nothing had happened.

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The aggressor was arrested last Sunday night, after the Police received a notice that a woman had managed to get away from someone who had approached her in Platero street in the capital of Malaga, as police sources have informed Efe. In this case, the thief managed to violently grab the woman and take a mobile phone and some money from the store, according to sources.

A cashier is attacked in a supermarket in Malaga.

The agents established a search through the area that allowed them to locate the alleged aggressor. The features and clothing matched those of the alleged perpetrator of the attack suffered by the shop assistant at the oriental bazaar in the Ciudad Jardín area.


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This Tuesday, the Investigative Court number 7 of Malaga, acting as guard, agreed to the entry into provisional prison, communicated and without bail of the 39-year-old man arrested last Sunday by the National Police. He is accused of rob several people with method of mataleón.

The “mataleón” method, also known as rear naked choke In mixed martial arts (MMA) or rear choke, it is a submission technique that consists of surrounding the opponent’s neck with the arm, so that the forearm is pressed against one carotid and the biceps against the other. The goal is to block blood flow to the brain, which can lead to the opponent losing consciousness if he does not surrender or escape the technique.

The seriousness of this maneuver lies in the inability for the victim to identify her attacker, since the attack is done from behind and the fade occurs in a matter of seconds. Self-defense experts emphasize the importance of an immediate reaction to avoid complete strangulation and suggest several release techniques that could save lives.

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Among the recommendations to counter the attack are turn the head in the opposite direction to the arm applying the choke, lower the chin towards the chest to gain space and avoid pressure on the neck, and use sudden downward and side movements to unbalance the attacker. Various defense methods propose specific actions depending on the situation and how quickly the victim can respond to the attack.

In Seville, there have been at least three incidents of street attacks using the technique of mataleón in the last weeks. Concern about these attacks has led to an increase in self-defense workshops, where these and other personal protection techniques are taught. The authorities, for their part, continue with the investigations and call on the community to report any incident that could contribute to the capture of those responsible. Citizen security has been placed at the center of priorities, seeking strategies to prevent future attacks and guarantee the well-being of Sevillians.



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