Salamanca marches this May 1st for full employment: less working hours, better salaries


Neither the rain nor the cold have been an impediment for nearly a thousand people from Salamanca, like every May 1, to march through the streets of the city to celebrate and demand International Workers’ Day. The majority unions, UGT and Workers’ Commissions (CCOO) have led the march that started at 12:00 p.m. from the headquarters of the two unions in Gran Vía, going up to Plaza de Epaña, Avenida de Mirat, Puerta de Zamora, Paseo Carmelitas, down street Rascón, Bordadores and Prior to the Plaza Mayor, where the route has ended.

With the banner in their hands, on which this year’s slogan ‘For full employment: less working hours, better salaries’ could be seen, both provincial secretaries of the unions recalled the main reasons on which the march focused this year. anus. José Antonio Gallego, general secretary of CCOO Salamanca, has emphasized the importance of continuing to remind society that today is a reason to celebrate but also to demand, not only the rights of the worker, but also freedom and democracy. that are sometimes at risk.

“Today, by demonstrating, we are also defending the right to freedom and democracy”

Jose Antonio Gallego

General Secretary CCOO Salamanca


They demand more decent working conditions, since they affirm that the industrial and business benefits that most companies such as the banking sector are having are palpable and, therefore, they ask that this redistribution of wealth be more equitable, that salaries grow. more and the purchasing power of the workers is better to be able to make ends meet and be able to fill the shopping basket in conditions.

For his part, Marcelino Muñoz García, general secretary of UGT Salamanca, has declared that, although it has not been a bad working year, it is important to continue demanding improvements and, in addition, he has pointed out that the most feminized sectors are the most punished. “All the most feminized sectors such as care, dependency, cleaning sectors or administration subcontracts are in much more precarious conditions than the rest of the sectors.”

Upon arriving at the Plaza Mayor, both José Antonio Gallego (CCOO) and Marcelino Muñoz (UGT) read from the balcony of the City Hall before the crowd their manifestos through which they thanked the union representatives for their work in the companies, including with the unaffiliated. “We come to politics to improve people’s lives, not to bullfights and folklore, as the vice president of the board does.” They have also requested higher salaries, improved working conditions in the city’s concessionaire companies, shorter working hours and an end to the war in and the genocide in Palestine.

Other entities

In addition to the Workers’ Commissions and UGT, other organizations such as the Republican Collective of Salamanca, the Communist Youth of Salamanca, CGT, OCR have also attended the march for International Workers’ Day… and, in addition, some groups have shown their support for Palestine and the feminist movement.



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