The Almería City Council removes a poster from the Ministry of Equality that suggests consensual sex with minors


The Almería City Council has ordered the removal of a poster showing the image of a child with the legend “If he says no, it’s not sex, it’s aggression”. The advertisement, which belongs to a campaign organized by the Ministry of Equality and the Almería City Council itself has caused great controversy on social networks in recent hours by insinuating, ‘sensu contrari’, that sex with minors is acceptable if it is consensual.

The advertising campaign is part of the State Pact against Gender Violenceand shows a little boy with the aforementioned slogan and a statistical fact: “72.3% of sexual assaults on minors occur in the victim’s family and school environment.”

As municipal sources informed ABC, it is an advertising campaign against gender violence with six different posters. “This sign had been rejected and was placed by mistake, but it is now being removed,” added the aforementioned sources.

At City Hall they maintain that three posters with this slogan had been placed throughout the city, but their impact on social networks It has immediately provoked a heated controversy due to the message it conveys. Specifically, the posters had been located in central spaces such as Rambla Federico García Lorca near two educational centers or in Plaza Altamira. All of them include the logos of the Almería City Council, the State Pact against Gender Violence and the Government of Spain – Ministry of Equality.


Despite this slip, the City Council will maintain the rest of the campaign, endowed with almost 18,000 euros for the and production of material aimed at raising awareness and awareness regarding the prevention of sexual violence.

Municipal action is financed through funds reserved for local entities in the State Pact against Gender Violence and its main objective is to “raise awareness and sensitize the Almeria population about basic concepts of sexual education to prevent different types of sexual abuse.” As a whole, the campaign also includes messages on social networks, press and distribution of merchandising.

“We share the rejection caused by one of the images of the campaign against sexual assaults. The advertisement, now withdrawn, was published by mistake without having passed prior controls. We apologize and reiterate our commitment to the defense and protection of minors.“, they added through a note on the social network ‘X’.

For their part, government sources have indicated to Europa Press that the campaign has reached the Ministry of Equality, from where “the immediate withdrawal” of it has been demanded because “it attacks children”, so that “under no circumstances can it be financed with funds from the State Pact on Gender Violence”, as they have warned. In this sense, the campaign would not have the necessary justification for the use of these funds.



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