The Poor Clare nuns of Belorado (Burgos) break with the Pope


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The nuns accuse Rome of not wanting to grant them the “license to sell the convent of Derio”

Schism in the Diocese of Burgos. The Poor Clare nuns of Belorado and Orduña They announced this Monday, through a forceful statement, that they are resigning from the Pope of Rome and abandoning the Conciliar Church due to the “persecution” they suffer and because “spangs have been put in the wheels” of their community. The nuns accuse Rome of having “blocked” them by not granting them the license to sell the Derio convent and “wanting to keep” their properties, which is why they have assured that they are breaking with the Holy See. «They are going to call us heretics and schismatics, crazy and many other things, very slanderous and unpleasant. “Don’t believe them, at least this time, don’t let them fool you,” they said in the statement.

The community of Poor Clare nuns has thus expressed its intention to abandon the Catholic Church as of today, May 13, “placing itself under the tutelage and jurisdiction of the Mr. Pablo de Rojas Sánchez-Francoexcommunicated in July 2019″ and not submitting to Pope Francis, as reflected in the documentation sent.

In the letter, signed by the Mother Abbess Sister Elizabeth of the Trinityon behalf of all the nuns, belonging to the Order of Poor Sisters of Santa Clara, explain that Rome does not want to grant them the “license to sell the convent of Derio” and assure that they are not allowed to “comply with the payments” of the Monastery de Orduña and terminate the purchase and sale contract “without prior notice” after three years.

In addition to the statement, according to Burgos newspaperthe sisters send an extensive Catholic Manifesto in which they agree that The last valid Supreme Pontiff was Pius XII. Something that, in the opinion of the nuns, could earn them the adjectives of schismatics and crazy.

For its part, the Archbishopric of Burgos has rejected the accusation «unfair and indiscriminate» of «silence and acquiescence of the shepherds» carried out by the Poor Clares of Belorado for the «persecution» they suffer and that «has thrown a spanner in the works» for their community for being «blocked» by Rome by not granting them the license to sell the convent of Derio and has explained that this matter is not within its jurisdiction and no communication or request has been received in this regard, which is why it has brought these facts to the attention of the Holy See.

He has also informed the Apostolic Nuncio, the president of the Episcopal Conference, Luis Arguelloand the bishops of Vitoria and Bilbao, so that it will proceed according to the instructions of the Holy See, as detailed by the Archbishopric of Burgos in a statement.

Given this situation, the Archbishopric has urged all the faithful to refrain from participating in any liturgical act carried out in the Monastery of Santa Clara de Belorado nor in the Monastery of Santa Clara de Orduña.


The archbishopric details the situation of the monasteries of Belorado and Orduña, which are the cause of this conflict, and specifies that “they have been assisted daily by their chaplains and that The nuns expressed feeling happy and grateful.».

It all began with the intention of the Poor Clare nuns of Belorado buy the monastery of Orduñaof the diocese of Vitoria, which was canonically suppressed and empty and “is the property of the Poor Clares of Vitoria.”

The purchase was signed in October 2020, for an amount of 1.2 million euros and a delay of two years. In said act of purchase and sale, 100,000 euros are contributed and they commit to making semiannual payments of 75,000 euros.

The first payment It was due to be made on November 1, 2022, but no payment has ever been made. At the beginning of March 2024, Sister Isabel states that she has a benefactor who will buy and put the Monastery in the benefactor’s name, they will reach an agreement for use and resell it to the community of Belorado when they obtain the amount from the sale of the Monastery of Derio. But the name of the benefactor was not made known, absolute silence is maintained about his name, and to date it is not known, and there is fear that he is alien to the Catholic Church.

On May 7, the community of Belorado was summoned by the community of Poor Clares of Vitoria before a notary to rescind the purchase-sale contract at the request of the latter community. At the notary’s office, Sister Isabel, accompanied by Sister Paz and Sister Sión, delivers a document demanding 1,600,000 euros as payment for the amount of the works carried out by his community in the Monastery of Orduña and 30% for damages. When Sister Isabel did not accept the termination of the contract, she took the matter to court.

From the archbishopric of Burgos it is stated that, today, no document has been receivedneither in Burgos, nor in the bishoprics of Vitoria or Bilbao and reject the “unjust and indiscriminate” accusations of “silence and acquiescence of the pastors”, as reflected in the document sent by the Poor Clares as well as the accusations, in similar terms , to the “Chair of Peter” on “contradictions, double and confusing languages, ambiguity and gaps in doctrine.”

The archbishop, Mario Iceta, has warned of «the seriousness of the act» carried out by the nuns and the canonical punishment they incur and informs the Holy See, the Apostolic Nuncio, the president of the Episcopal Conference, the president of the Commission on Consecrated Life of the Episcopal Conference. and to the bishops of Vitoria and Bilbao. We will proceed according to the instructions of the Holy See.

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