These are the municipalities of Castellón that will maintain the drop in ratios next year

These are the municipalities of Castellón that will maintain the drop in ratios next year
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These are the municipalities of Castellón that will maintain the drop in ratios next year

The Department of Education, Universities and Employment will maintain the reduced official maximum ratio in 10 municipalities of the province of Castellón for the next academic year 2024-2025, according to the resolution published this Wednesday by the Official Gazette of the Generalitat Valenciana (DOGV).


According to this publication, the municipalities that maintain a ratio of 23 will be Burriana, L’Alcora, Nules, Onda, Orpesa and Vila-real. For its part, in the municipalities of Castelló and Vinaròs the ratio will be 22 and Vall d’Uixó and Segorbe will have a ratio of 20 in 3-year-olds for the next academic year.

The process to establish the ratios and reduce it below 25 students per classroom It has been carried out with the objective of “maintaining the maximum number of units and guaranteeing a school place, both for students who reside in the town and for those who join the educational system late.”

This has been explained by the Minister of Education, José Antonio Rovira, who has pointed out that in municipalities with risk of depopulation The ratio of the 6 students established until now to maintain the units at 4 will be lowered, “in order to be able to maintain them.”

Likewise, Rovira denied that the Government is going to increase the ratio of students per classroom. “In any case, within the needs, we are going to reduce it to the extent that we can economically assume. In many cases, already in this arrangement, we have rreduced ratios to avoid reducing units. For example, units at risk of depopulation,” defended the head of Education.

School Arrangement

Rovira has stressed that after making the forecast of school arrangement “We enter the period of study, analysis and allegations from the town councils and others” to prepare the definitive planning. A school arrangement that has aroused complaints from the Federation of Student Parents’ Associations FAMPA Penyagolosa of Castelló, which denounces cut of 45 classrooms in Castellón in 30 municipalities.


In this regard, the head of Education has clarified that for now, he said, ““There is simply an initial proposal.”. “The number of classrooms that are in principle in these proposals is studied, then it does not have to remain the same,” noted the councilor, who asserted that the Botànic government “in recent years had also been closing” classrooms.

Who has to enroll in 3-year-olds?

Next school year they will enroll in the infant stage 3 years old children born in 2021. According to registry data provided by the town councils themselves, 41,560 children were born in the Valencian Community that year.

In this way, for the next academic year 2024-2025, in 3-year-old Early Childhood Education, 32 municipalities in the Valencian Community will have a ratio of 20 students per group, of which 17 belong to Valencia, 13 to Alicante and 2 to Castellón. For its part, the ratio will be 22 students per class in 3 municipalities. Specifically, there are 2 municipalities in the province of Castellón and 1 in Valencia.

Finally, 29 municipalities in the Valencian Community will have a ratio of 23 students per group, of which 18 belong to Valencia, 5 to Alicante and 6 to Castellón.

In addition, 5 municipalities in the Valencian Community, 3 in Valencia and 2 in Alicante, have reduced ratios in units of other courses, details the Campanar department in a statement.

The period of application admission for the stages of Early Childhood Education and PrimaryFor the next school year it will be from May 30 to June 6. After the applications have been evaluated, the provisional lists will be published on July 1 and the final ones on July 15. In this way, online registration will be from July 15 to 19 and in-person registration from July 15 to 23.



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