The Provincial Council of A Coruña plans for the ICT City set to operate at the end of the year


The virtual set of the ICT City of A Coruña will be operational at the end of this yearaccording to the forecasts of the president of the Provincial Council of A Coruña, Valentin Gonzalez Formoso. In statements to the media collected by Europa PressFormoso specified that the tests will be carried out in the month of October.

Constitution of the political-technical commission

He virtual set of the ICT City keep taking steps forward. The last one, this morning at Provincial Council of A Coruñawhere a political-technical commission who will supervise the execution and subsequent management model with respect to the venue’s set.

The president of the provincial body, Valentin Gonzalez Formosostressed that “The complexity of this project due to its financial amount, such as initial investment forecast of 8 million of euros that can increase; due to the participation of different administrations and due to its specificity, pois There is only one set with the same characteristics in all of Europe“.


The commission will be made up of political and technical representatives of the different services of the Provincial Council that participate in this project, as well as by members of the Galician audiovisual clusterwhich brings together the main companies in the sector in the community.

The launch of this commission establishes a common space for decision-making and public-private collaboration. The project focuses on creating a set that allows the generation of virtual content for the film, television, advertising and video game sectors, while also being applicable to other sectors such as education or tourism.

Job program

The work schedule planned by the administration includes the analysis of the possible management models, the of a service regulation or the study of economic-financial feasibility of the center until formulating a definitive proposal on them; all of this with an estimated period of two or three months starting in October.



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