Granada will celebrate its first ‘Lorca’ bullfight in tribute to the bullfighting world of Lorca

Granada will celebrate its first ‘Lorca’ bullfight in tribute to the bullfighting world of Lorca
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The esplanade of the Huerta de San Vicente – the former summer home of the poet Federido García Lorca’s family in Granada – has hosted the presentation of the first edition of the bullfight that, in tribute to the author, has been organized by the Granada City Council and the Toro de Lidia Granada Foundation.

It is scheduled to be held in the Granada bullring ‘Monumental de Frascuelo’ next Saturday, June 1, coinciding with the Corpus Christi festival under the name ‘Corrida Lorquina’.

The bullring will be decorated for the occasion with poems and drawings from Lorca distributed throughout its perimeter, which will be accompanied by graffiti of the poet’s signature on the albero, the work of Joaquín Hortal; the installation of canvases with four Lorca manolas in the vomitories, photos of Lorca on the plateau of bullpens and decoration alluding to fans and moons in a border of the balconies of the square and a sun and moon in foam board.

A special characterization is also planned for both the clothing of the participating bullfighters, who will wear a light suit with motifs alluding to the Lorca decoration, freely chosen by matadors and subordinates, and the employees of the bullring will wear the jumpsuit worn by García Lorca in the functions of the Barraca, with its logo.

The musical band Nuestra Señora del Carmen de Dúrcal, directed by Jorge Berrio, will introduce attendees to the magical universe of Lorca with a performance during the Paseíllo, turns to the ring and banderillas of songs collected by the Granada poet and Encarnación López Júlvez, la Argentinita , on a record in 1931.


It is planned to have Federico’s summer house in the Huerta de San Vicente so that a matador can dress up and leave from there to the plaza in a vintage car, as a symbol of the union between “bullfighting and the place where he wrote much of his work.


The city thus inaugurates an event that seeks to become “a date of worship” within the national bullfighting calendar with the celebration of a bullfight that, due to the enormous significance of the Granada poet and playwright and his importance in bullfighting, wants to appear within the singularity of bullfights such as the Goyescan, Picasso, Cervantine or Teresian bullfights.

The mayor of Granada, Marifrán Carazo, has shown her “enormous satisfaction” for offering, “in collaboration with the Toro de Lidia Foundation” a bullfighting event of “international” repercussion thanks to which Granada will “reclaim the figure and work of Federico García Lorca through the influence of bullfighting on his work and figure.”

The aim is to create a “cultural and festive event” aimed at making visible the figure and work of the poet, of whom the mayor has recalled the cultural enrichment that the world of bullfighting represented in his work with verses such as the poem dedicated to Antoñito el Camborio or the most important elegy in Spanish literature, which is “Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez Megías”.

At the event, in which she was accompanied by the coordinator of the Toro de Lidia Foundation in Granada, Fernando Navarro Reyes, the poster announcing the ‘Corrida Lorca’, made by the Granada painter Lolo Prados, was presented, which will be different to that of the Corpus Christi fair, while “we intend for it to be a singular celebration and differentiated from the rest of the programming.”



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