The Poor Clares of León pray that the wayward nuns’ “minds may be enlightened”

The Poor Clares of León pray that the wayward nuns’ “minds may be enlightened”
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Stupefaction, sadness and pain. These are the feelings that overwhelm two of the communities of Poor Clares in the province of León in the face of the mutiny of the Poor Clare nuns of Belorado (Burgos), who are leading a schism with the hierarchy of Rome for not receiving authorization for the sale of a convent.

The sisters of the Monastery of Santa Clara de León have assured that “what their colleagues have done seemed very bad to us”, although they clarify that they were not aware of the problems surrounding the case “because we belong to another federation and we have another president.” ».

The convent of León belongs to the federation of Monzón (Huesca), while the Burgos convents depend on Cantabria. «We don’t know anything, we have found out from the news, but we are dealing with it very badly. The only thing we have left is to pray for them so that their minds may be enlightened,” said one of the sisters by phone.

The Leonese nuns, a community of 17 sisters, express their fervent desire for the waters to return to normal. “We want it to be fixed,” although they clarify that “it all depends on them because they have done a very unpleasant thing.”

In the convent of Santa Clara de Astorga, concern about what happened in Burgos is also great. «It is very bad that they have done what they have done. It should not be done. “We have felt it a lot,” stressed the sister who answers the phone.

The Leonese convents of Poor Clares have their origin in the 14th century, in the case of Astorga, and in the 16th century, in the capital. Furthermore, they follow the rule founded by Saint Clare and Francis of Assisi, the Poor Clares of the Anunciada convent of Villafranca del Bierzo.


The Poor Clare nuns of Belorado (Burgos) have assured that they “are not kidnapped” away from their families and have transferred their desire to “be faithful to the truth of Christ” that they have received, to “fidelity to the faith and Catholic doctrine.” , while they have explained that they are not leaving the Church, so they will explain their situation as time progresses. This is what the nuns have done through a video published on their official social media profile, in which they have stressed that they intend to express themselves in relation to the “concerns” that have arisen and that have reached them, although they have emphasized that they are “fine.”

For this reason, the Poor Clares of Belorado have asked for “patience” from all those who are concerned and have announced that they will make known everything they have “discovered” to “deny” information.

The Poor Clares of Belorado and Orduña announced this Monday in a statement that they were leaving the Church of Rome due to the “persecution” they suffered and that “has thrown a spanner in the works” for their community, as well as being “blocked” by Rome by not granting them the sales license for the Derio convent and “wanting to keep” its properties.

In the letter, signed by the mother abbess Sister Isabel de la Trinidad, on behalf of all the nuns, belonging to the Order of Poor Sisters of Saint Clare, they accused Rome of not wanting to grant them “a license to sell the convent of Derio (probably will continue in the office of Mario Iceta and the president until the end of time…)” and not allowing them to “comply with the payments” of the Monastery of Orduña and terminating the purchase and sale contract “without prior notice” after three years.

«They are going to call us heretics and schismatics, crazy people and many other things, very slanderous and unpleasant. Don’t believe them, at least this time, don’t let them fool you,” they said. The Monastery of the Poor Clares of Santa Clara was founded in a field that was called Bretonera, hence it is also called the Monastery of Our Lady of Bretonera.

Fran Ceacero, who now calls himself ‘Don José’ and has acquired public notoriety as a member of the ‘Pía Unión Sancti Pauli Apostoli’ and spokesperson for the Poor Clare nuns of Belorado (Burgos), was previously a renowned mixologist in Bilbao until becoming a priest. . Now he has locked himself up with the nuns of Belorado in the convent.



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