Aerial images recreate the landscapes of ‘Eight Basque surnames’ ten years later

Aerial images recreate the landscapes of ‘Eight Basque surnames’ ten years later
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Wednesday, May 1, 2024, 08:50

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In 2014, the film ‘Eight Basque Surnames’ was an unprecedented success that filled the movie theaters with an audience that roared with laughter at the love story starring the Andalusian Rafa (played by Dani Rovira) and the Basque Amaia (Clara Lago). ). Among its many virtues, especially the humor of the script, were the landscapes of Gipuzkoa that have since been visited by thousands of tourists eager to set foot in the same settings as the protagonist couple.

Ten years later, the company SaltyLightMedia has published a spectacular video that shows the main settings of the film from a drone view and compares them with the original plans, demonstrating that the beauty is still intact and that in this decade very few changes have been made. experienced this area of ​​the Guipuzcoan coast.

A bus, from Lurraldebus, approaches Getaria while the camera shows Malkorbe beach in the foreground from the air and then shows us the port (where the scenes with Amaia’s father’s boat were also filmed), the hull of the town and the mouse. These are the close-ups that this company emulates with its drone to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the film’s release.

The second recreated scenario is the one with the hermitage of San Telmo as the protagonist, on the cliffs of Zumaia. The camera flies over the rock sheets of the Flysch and gets lost in the horizon of the Cantabrian Sea with images full of beauty.

The impact on tourism in Gipuzkoa

The film ‘Ocho Apellidos Vascos’, directed by Emilio Martínez-Lázaro, premiered on March 14, 2014 and immediately became a cinematographic phenomenon throughout Spain, grossing three million euros its first weekend. The highest-grossing Spanish film of all time finally collected 56.2 million euros and brought 9.5 million viewers to theaters.


The plot revolves around the Sevillian Rafa, who falls in love with Amaia, a Basque partying in Andalusia. To win her over, he decides nothing less than to travel to Euskadi posing as a full-blooded Basque, triggering an endless series of comical situations.

The main cast also includes Carmen Machi, who plays Merche, Rafa’s mother, and Karra Elejalde, who plays Koldo, Amaia’s father. The chemistry between the actors and their ability to portray authentic and fun characters greatly contributed to the film’s success.

‘Ocho Apellidos Vascos’ broke all audience records in the film industry so far. In its television premiere it would also become the most watched film since 2000.

But the impact of the film by Dani Rovira (“It was like a tsunami caught you in Zarautz,” he declared years later) and Clara Lago went far beyond the screens as it had a significant impact on the influx of tourists to the corners. where it was filmed, especially in Zumaia. The demand to see these settings was such that various specific tours were created on the points shown in the film.

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