The team of Marvel villains who could debut in the in 2025


There are many Marvel villains that we have not yet seen in the MCU and now there is a team that could be in one of the new 2025 .

The Outer Circlean enigmatic group of Marvel villains, could make their film debut in the next MCU film, Thunderboltswhich will be released on May 5, 2025. Although they could change the origin quite a bit with respect to the comics.

For those who don’t know them, the Outer Circle isn’t just a group of regular Marvel villains, it’s actually a secret society that has been manipulating world events since World War I with one goal: to establish an era of peace, but under their own terms.

How do they achieve it? Through a game called The Game of the Century, where each member of the Circle, representing a different principle (Power, Money, Machine, Love and Revolution), manipulates events and people to achieve their utopian vision of the future.

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What does its arrival mean for Thunderbolts?

The inclusion of the Outer Circle in the film could revolutionize the MCU narrative. Imagine a group of anti-heroes, each with their own agenda and questionable morals, facing off against an enemy who has been playing the long game, an enemy who sees the big picture and who has been moving the pieces on the global chess board for more than a century.

In fact, The Thunderbolts was the evolution of another group called OXE that served to eliminate the Outer Circle from within. All under the machinations of Valentina Allegra de Fontaine who will be in the Marvel movie played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Additionally, in these events the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) was very important, another character that we will see in the movies in 2025. So everything can fit together perfectly.

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What impact will it have on the MCU?

The introduction of the Marvel villains that make up the Outer Circle could have massive implications for the MCU. It could mean a change in the way stories are told, with a deeper focus on intrigue and strategy, rather than the usual fight of good versus evil. Additionally, it could establish the Thunderbolts as a force to be reckoned with, capable of taking on threats that even SHIELD might find overwhelming.

So let’s hope that they soon give us more details about Thunderbolts to know what they are preparing. Since it would be great to be able to see these Marvel villains in action, although we must also remember that Sentry will make his debut, something that will be great.

While we wait, we can see all the UCM installments on Disney Plus with this link.

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