Agoney confesses that she has stage fright: “I am very vulnerable”

Agoney confesses that she has stage fright: “I am very vulnerable”
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Adolfo RodriguezMadrid 05/01/2024 08:00h.

Agoney grants an exclusive interview to Divinity at the Mediaset España facilities

  • Agoney premieres ‘Tormenta’, the first preview of his new album that will be released soon. Plus, she tells why she feels like she’s the first, even though she’s not.

  • In this exclusive interview, the canary opens up like never before about his sweetest moment and answers honestly a question we have wanted to ask him for a long time.

  • “I have stage fright and sometimes I have to resort to tranquilizers to be able to go on stage,” he confesses.

Agony He has exposed his talent on dozens of television programs and many other stages around the world since he became known in the 2017 edition of ‘Operación Triunfo’. His imposing voice and the team that has been with him for some time now, the ideal one according to him, have consolidated his ambitious musical project.

On the occasion of the release of the first single from their second studio album, ‘Storm‘, Agoney returns to the Mediaset España facilities to catch up and answer some questions that we have been waiting to ask him for a long time: “I am very happy. It’s a song that he composed two years ago, even before ‘ Quiero arder ‘. She had it saved, despite the great song it is. It was born naturally: I sat down at the piano, I started playing chords, I got excited and suddenly everything I had stored inside came out. I personified the storm in my mother, who always became great in the face of adversity”.

“I feel like it’s my first album actually because ‘Libertad’, the previous album, was like releasing the dark and slimy thing that I had inside. It didn’t reflect the artist I had always dreamed of being.”, he confesses. “I don’t know if I am valued enough in the musical scene, but it is true that electronic music is starting to be heard a lot inside and outside of Spain, so I am very confident. I’m not a mainstream person“I don’t have a mass audience like Aitana or Taylo Swift and I don’t do what they do either,” she adds.

Agoney, a very familiar artist: “I consent a lot as an uncle”

As you can see in the video that opens the news, one of the most important things in Agoney’s life is his family, the one to which he always dedicates nice words: “Every day I need to talk to my family. My sister, who is expecting her second daughter, is a key point in my life.” What is Agoney like as his uncle? To no one’s surprise: “he consents a lot.” Of course, his greatest pride is that he recognizes him despite having to talk many times via video call and there is a special bond between them.

Fear of stages: “During my time at Benidorm Fest I was taking antidepressants”

Despite the stage presence that he demonstrates in each of his performances wherever he stars, the man from Tenerife assures that he has a terrible time the moments before going on stage and when he is on top of it as well. Furthermore, he is not shy about speaking clearly and naturally about it: “It’s wrong for me to say it, but sometimes I have to resort to tranquilizers [recetados por un profesional] to be able to go out and perform”. Even her boyfriend, the dancer Marc Montojo, does not hide his amazement and praises her talent to show her his support, in his own words.


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Agoney, about Nebulossa’s participation with ‘Zorra’ in Eurovision 2023

Precisely about this I wanted to delve deeper with him, and that is that during his stage at Benidorm Fest he was the only artist who was inaccessible in the promotional stage and during his stay in the city while the victory and, therefore, his ticket to Eurovision was at stake. Because? What was going through his mind? Now, thanks to an exercise of generosity on his part, he speaks clearly and I can understand him: “It wasn’t easy for me. I had a long discussion with the record company because During my time at Benidorm Fest they told me that I had to do interviews, but I was not prepared, I was very ill and taking antidepressants. I didn’t feel like exposing myself at all”.

[La entrevista completa a Agoney se dividirá en diferentes fragmentos de los que podrás seguir disfrutando en distintos enlaces en la web de Divinity]



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