What is ultrasonic rhinoplasty

What is ultrasonic rhinoplasty
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Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is the most advanced technique to model the shape of the nose and achieve the look we want. Compared to traditional cosmetic surgery, it is a less aggressive operation, with a faster recovery and hardly any visible marks.

Furthermore, Dr. María Jesús García-Dihinx, specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at the Quirónsalud Zaragoza Day Hospital, points out that “thanks to the latest advances and research, This technique is much less painful and has increased precision“.

But what is rhinoplasty with ultrasound? What are the main characteristics of this cosmetic surgery? What is the postoperative period like?

News about ultrasonic rhinoplasty

This cosmetic surgery is one of the most innovative to achieve the shape and appearance we want in the nose.

Specific, Ultrasonic rhinoplasty uses ultrasound to file the bone and break it in a controlled manner. Precisely, this way of working on the nasal structure is one of the main advantages over traditional rhinoplasty, since it achieves a millimeter filing. “Ultrasounds prevent it from being necessary to create a bone fracture and respect all the tissues that surround the structure,” adds the doctor.

Other information about this new rhinoplasty is that it is administered general anesthesia to carry it out, and its duration is usually an hour and a half.


Benefits of ultrasonic rhinoplasty

The following aspects stand out above all from this intervention:

  • Reshapes the nose very precisely thanks to advanced instrumentation.
  • Achieve an earlier recovery.
  • Avoid more frequently side effects such as edema, bruising or inflammation, which are more common in conventional rhinoplasty.
  • Respect the rest of the fabrics.
  • It does not leave fractures or unstable bones, and neither scars or marks visible. “The only cut that is visible is the one between the two nostrils. However, after 2 or 3 months, it is almost imperceptible,” says the doctor.

Postoperative rhinoplasty with ultrasound

Recovery is usually faster than traditional rhinoplasty. Regarding this, the doctor tells us that, “as there is hardly any trauma, a normal life can be returned to in a shorter period of time.”

Generally, after the intervention, it is recommended to use a nasal splint between 5 and 8 days. It is also necessary to use plugs for two days as a measure to prevent the appearance of bruises.

After this period, you can return to your routine, but avoiding too much effort for at least a month. Another recommendation is to avoid wearing glasses for the time indicated by surgeons.

Lastly, the results of ultrasonic rhinoplasty are observed from the first month, and its final appearance in a year. It must be taken into account that the nose takes time to have its final shape and, depending on the type of skin, the recovery process may vary.



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