Atlético de Madrid will appeal the partial closure of the Metropolitano

Atlético de Madrid will appeal the partial closure of the Metropolitano
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He Atlético de Madrid will appeal to the Appeals Committee of the Royal Spanish Federation (RFEF) the partial closure of Cívitas Metropolitano in the next two LaLiga EA Sports matches, against Celta and Osasuna, for the racist insult to Nico Williams in last Saturday’s match against Athletic, as reported to EFE club sources, who expressed that the entity has done everything possible to prevent this type of act.

This Tuesday, the RFEF Disciplinary Committee imposed this sanction on the Madrid entity, apart from a fine of 20,000 euros for violent, racist, xenophobic and intolerant behaviorand urged him to identify before 12:00 p.m. next Friday “the structure of the stadium’s stands to determine the area of ​​the stadium subject to closure which, according to the arbitration report, would affect the sector located in the south end of the stadium.” field”.

Atlético, as explained to EFE club sources, you have a period of 10 days to present your appeal to the Appeal. The next match of the Madrid team in their stadium, the first to which would affect the partial closure of the field in the southern end, it is in 12 days, on May 12 against Celta.

The other match under this punishment is against Osasunaon the penultimate day, May 18 or 19, still to be determined.

Atlético de Madrid, convinced that they did everything possible to prevent it

Atlético is convinced that, on the part of the club, everything possible has been done to prevent acts of this type in its stadium; he remembered that A message was broadcast over the public address system against these behaviors in last Saturday’s match against Athletic, when “a sound imitating a monkey ‘UH UH’ was heard from the southern stands” at the moment Nico Williams was going to take a corner; and? The entity condemned this racist behavior both at half-time and at the end of the match.

Furthermore, the Madrid club stated that has collaborated from the first moment with the Policemaking all the means available in the stadium, such as images, for the quick identification of the fan who uttered that insult to Nico Williams.


Nico Williams receives support from rivals after receiving racist insults at the Metropolitano (Photo: LaL

He also insisted that, as soon as the security forces inform him of his identity, that follower, if he is a member or subscriber of the entity, will be suspended from such condition on a precautionary and indefinite basis. until there is a judicial resolution and, if he is considered guilty, the suspension would be permanent.

Likewise, Atlético understands that, with this partial closure of the stadium, The action of a single individual is a punishment for thousands of fans.

Likewise, he expressed his surprise at the way in which the sanction was communicated, because it is not the usual procedure for the closure of a stadium to be included in the same resolutions as the warnings or expulsions of players, but rather for a disciplinary file to be opened in the club has the capacity to present allegations.

In the minutes of the Atlético-Athletic duel last Saturday, the referee of the match, José Luis Martínez Munuera, reflected that, “in approximately the 36th minute of the match, when the game was to be resumed with a corner kick in favor of Athletic Club, was heard from the south end stands sound imitating a monkey ‘UH, UH’, being heard by the number one assistant referee, at the same time as Athletic Club’s number 11, Nico Williams”.

“At that precise moment the protocol against racism was activated, indicating to the Atlético de Madrid delegate that the match could not be resumed until it was communicated over the public address system that these attitudes had to stop and that, if they were repeated, we should stop again, but this time with everyone entering the locker room. A minute later it was announced over the public address system, resuming the match again,” the referee added in the minutes.

Nico Williams and his gesture after scoring against Atlético at the Metropolitano (Photo: Athletic Club).



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