: The three keys to Bayern


“There are two types of coaches: those who do nothing and those who do a lot of damage. I try to be one of the first”. After the survival exercise in Manchester, in a match of true ‘skyblue’ siege that extended to the agony of penalties, Carlo Ancelotti’s men went to the Allianz Arena to face Bayern that he was not having his best year. And it is that Thomas Tuchel He wanted to go against the Italian to be one of the type 3 coaches, those who do something… but who They end up colliding with the ‘ Law’. A here I catch you here I kill you version that suffered in the last qualifying round after white ability to score a goal with little control.

And playing against Real Madrid has become so demanding that rival teams only dare to stand up to him when they are properly groomed and prepared for the event: “Bayern has shown its best version and we don’t think so”, confessed the white coach. Because until minute 24, Tuchel had devised a plan that had worked out to the millimeter. She looked at his assistants from the technical area and his smile gave him away. until drew a work of art that Vinicius ended up sending to the back of the net to put the score at 0-1. The plan failed, but the fault was not the German, but the what Real Madrid does with all its rivals, they put the candy in their mouth and then they take it away.

What they do with all the equipment

“This is what they do with many rivals and this time it was our turn. Everything will be decided at the Bernabéu”. Tuchel spoke to the press at the Allianz Arena and explained what he had experienced firsthand with all the sincerity in the world. His men played 15/20 minutes of good football, with occasions, a fluid game…and the stands went crazy while not understanding what they were seeing. Their players were playing football that they had not seen in 31 Bundelisga games and the rival chosen to do so was Madrid.the king of the competition.

Vinicius goal (0-1) in Bayern Munich 2-2 Real Madrid

The white team’s losses were constant until They decided to bring to light the white ‘rarity’ that he explained days ago Bernard Silva (“Real Madrid is a strange team. Sometimes it seems that you have control of the game and out of nowhere, they run twice and score two goals because their players individually are very good”). 8 shots from Bayern, three of them between the sticks, to one from Real Madrid. The final result does not need to be explained. The Allianz Arena could see that the white club did not need more. The Bayern players were afraid and thought that without making mistakes it was more than enough… and that was the mistake. Madrid does not need to take advantage of its rival, it uses inertia to achieve a goal that it knows it will achieve.


The unusual 10 meters of Madrid

When Tuchel tried to see the possible victory scenarios against Real Madridit hardly occurred to the German coach that in one of them The white team was going to defend within 10 meters of the Allianz Arena grass. Ancelotti and his entire coaching staff, Militao even jumped off the bench on a couple of occasions, They begged the 10 field players to get out of the Bavarian trap. And what was experienced at the Etihad bears little resemblance to what was seen yesterday against Bayern. Ancelotti knew that he had practically lost the battle for possession at the Etihad… so he designed a defensive framework that suffocated the rival.

The version seen at the Allianz Arena was different. Madrid began by leaving Vini and Bellingham as references… and ended up calling them up to try to stop the German gale. Removing Lunin, Madrid defended in an unusual 10 meters because they didn’t even have the bus on, nor could they get out. Bayern reduced its field of action and Madrid did not know how to get out of there until Vini’s goal and the help of Krooswho took the white helm to help his companions. Constant lateralizations to give more outlet to the game and a ball that passed through his boots all the time. On the 8th his heart rate dropped and his companions began to breathe.

Madrid did not look in the mirror of Xabi

Ancelotti’s men had a mirror to look at yourself before stepping onto the grass of the Allianz Arena: Xabi Alonso’s " rel="tag">Bayer Leverkusen. The victory (3-0) against Bayern on February 10 was the perfect example of what Madrid could find and how to approach the match. Xabi’s men endured the Bavarian dominance, the first 15 minutes that the white team had to endure, and from then on they took control by giving the ball to their rival. They looked in that mirror, but the second half ended up breaking the team at its best.

The nice meeting of Müller and Tchouaméni: “He is listening to the tactics…”

Bayern had possession (52%), made more passes (522 to 468), took more total shots…and against Madrid they managed to solve their biggest problem, the rival’s quick transitions. On the day of Leverkusen they failed in their plan, but Madrid’s less aggressive approach helped them correct their mistakes until they found the key. “We started very well, we had two forwards and two wingers and we wanted to support the defenders. Madrid played very deep with their wingers, and we wanted to take advantage with a closed defense”, confessed Tuchel. Constant help on the wing with a two for one that stopped Madrid’s bullets and with bands that entered like a knife into butter. These were the keys to Bayern’s football change to surprise a Madrid that warns of the return: “We know that we did not show our best version, but in the end we did not lose, which was very important. Now it’s time to play at home”. And he who warns is not a traitor.



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