Valinox Novás will repeat successful routines to seek salvation in the last two days of the Asobal League

Valinox Novás will repeat successful routines to seek salvation in the last two days of the Asobal League
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Reason and magic; present and historyR. Grobas

Valinox Novás, accustomed to flirting with Asobal in recent campaigns, returns to agony. The club hopes that it will have a happy ending, like in that 2019 contract that Germán Hermida signed in the last attack of the last game. There are still two days left at the moment. With and Zamora already condemned to First National, five teams compete to avoid the last direct relegation and promotion place. Or Rosal dresses in hope. It alludes to the rational and courts the magical. It focuses on the present and alludes to its past. Or Calvary raises his voice.

He Alcobendaswith 24 points, and even the Baking Alicanteand, with 26, they are still in dangerous territory. Although Valinox, with 23, it is enough for him not to be surpassed by two of his three pursuers: Financial (23), Trasmapi Ibiza and Agustinos Alicante (22). They just defeated Unión Financiera, also compensating for the average (31-26 in Vallobín; 25-18 in O Rosal). “We have a great moment, both physically and emotionally, in this final stretch. “It’s something that can be seen on the border of Oviedo,” highlights Valinox coach César Armán. “In our last few games, even though we didn’t get the result we wanted, we have good feelings. I saw a team with freshness, that likes to run, with a defensive level not maximum splendor. We want to maintain that level. The forces are in reserve, but as in all teams. “We are going to give or take dinner for dinner and take a break.”

That internal confidence is balanced, in theory, by the harshness of the calendar. Valinox repeats this Saturday (7:00 p.m., unified time) at home against Caserío de Ciudad Real and will close the campaign at the home of San Pablo Burgos; fourth and second classified, respectively. But at the same time, there are no direct promotion options, certified by Guadalajara, and with the place for the promotion play-off mathematically assured. “We are all annoyed,” comments the president of Valinox, Andrés Senra, about the agenda of the direct rivals. “You don’t know which one has it better or worse. Nobody has a benevolent calendar. “Everyone will trust their options.”

The precedents of the first round encourage the miñotos. They lost both matches, but in both cases by the minimum (29-28 in Ciudad Real; 29-30 against San Pablo). “The team has had problems throughout the season, especially in match phases, but it almost always competes well. And especially against teams from the upper zone,” confirms Senra, who also cites the competitive gene of the entity: “In moments of truth, by history, we tend to move forward on the designated days. The team will be very protected at home. And the league is very even. Everyone can beat anyone. It is our weapon.”

Their own and other people’s cabals dissect each episode; that Alicante , the attitude of the opponents who have nothing at stake… Senra, although he does not identify a specific number of points, anticipates: “I am clear that if we are able to win this Saturday, we would get it. We would leave it practically closed or completely if the results are good. Anyone who hasn’t won two games all season is very difficult to do so now.” Armán adheres to the discourse of the immediate: “We go end to end. First of all, it’s a fool’s errand. Now we have the opportunity to take one step closer to that direct salvation. If during the year no logical result is ever given, doing so does not pay penalty. Let’s see or see. Let’s focus on chegar ben at the level of confidence and preparation.”


All resources will be dedicated to that company. The squad already gathered at noon last Saturday, hours before facing Unión Financiera. A meeting dedicated to a video session, food, nap and group dynamics. It is planned by practical logistics and by “superstition,” confesses Senra. In that same hotel, El Molino, they stayed in the 2018 promotion phase, which ended with three victories. And also on some occasions during Quique Domínguez’s era, with equal success. “The team is united. Everyone is clear that they want to save the situation. In that aspect we are calm. There may be teams that have more internal problems. Ours, of course, is not one of them,” summarizes the president.

The lesser evil

The objective is to ensure permanence, but promotion can be accepted as the lesser evil. The 13th from Honor Plata will play against the best of the seconds from First National. “In theory it is very difficult for the little one to eat the big one, just like in the Plata-Asobal promotion,” admits Senra, although he warns: “It is also true that Sometimes the dynamics of one and the other at that time of the season work in favor of the little one., which comes from below stomping hard, with enthusiasm, desire and a positive trajectory. The one from B is the clear favorite but no one should trust themselves.”

Senra has led Atlético Novás since 2015. He and his teammates have built the best era in the history of the club, founded in 1974. Accustomed to the good times, he accepts the bad times. “It’s a very hard year. We have suffered a lot”, he admits. “But the fans have supported us. They have understood that commitment to a coach who needs training and that it is a change of cycle. Possibly in some season we have been above our possibilities. The equipment has been delivered all year. People ask for attitude and we have had that in every game.”

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Whatever happens, it guarantees institutional stability even though the board has been acting as manager since last summer: “The intention is to continue for at least one more year. The 50th anniversary is coming. We want to be part of it. I think we’ve earned it. Anyway, if there is any alternative, it wouldn’t be a problem to step aside and help.”



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