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By @amatiz12

Martinsicuro Fano (193km)

Day designed for fans of tactical puzzles. Apparently in this half of the competition, it promises entertainment.

We continue along the Adriatic coast, where the beautiful views of the sea and exposure to the wind will accompany the caravan in the opening 70 km.

After that we will enter a more urban area that begins the series of traps that increase the complexity of this fraction. There are around 90 km full of slopes, of which the organization has decided to rate four. Some soften and others represent a great obstacle.

The most notable of the categorized elevations is Ostra, with just 1000 meters of ascent where the final half is constant at 13%. Although it is crowned 55 km from arrival, it is the place to reduce the peloton definitively, since there will still be more than twenty stinking kilometers in which it is almost impossible to return unless there is a break.

It is believed that once the last flying finish line has been passed, peace will come, but this is not the case, since the route offers us one more obstacle that could be decisive: Monte Giove.

This unprecedented ungraded climb consists of a segment of almost 500 meters in double digits, reaching a maximum slope of 20%. And when it ends 9,300 meters from the finish line, it will be the desired point for all the punchers to go for stage victory.

The ending is technical. It runs through the historic center of Fano, crossing 13 major curves on narrow roads, a factor that would be beneficial for someone or a small group in the lead. The last turn is 450 meters away on a wider and friendlier asphalt.


Risk of storm at the arrival site.


It is going to be a partial very similar to that of Naples. The see-saw will take out the purest sprinters and those having a bad day and will be an attack platform for those hunters with spark in these short-term efforts.

The challenge lies in how Trek will deal with these rushes, since they must go at a pace that does not completely disintegrate their launch train and that does not make their sprinter reach the red zone. Of course, he can receive support from some other cast whose fast man is feeling good.

There are two variants for a late move to be successful. One is that from afar, in Ostra, a group with the strongest rollers leaves and the other is a devastating blow to the final wall, whose proximity to the finish line makes it viable for an attacker to take all the loot.

The probabilities for the mass sprint are lower, but if there is one, it is the perfect scenario for the crash, since with the accumulated fatigue due to how long and hard the course is, an endurance runner can prevail over the fast ones.



Jonathan Milan – The sprint favorite, if there is one.

Kaden Groves – It is not ruled out that his team will work.

Sebastian Molano – One of the fast ones that can survive.

Madis Mihkles – Classicomaniac with great speed.

Jhonatan Narváez – The one that gives the most guarantees to make a ranged attack good.

Julian Alaphilippe – Without the legs of yesteryear, but very combative, and that can help him fish in the troubled river.

Jan Tratnik – He is going more and more and this route fits him like a glove.

Simone Velasco – We must give prominence to the tricolor in the home race and this is a good opportunity.


Narváez will be able to get rid of Sunday’s thorn.

Alejandro Matiz

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