South Dallas flood victims navigate recovery, concerned about more rain

South Dallas flood victims navigate recovery, concerned about more rain
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ENNIS— William McMayhem has not been a tenant of the Dallas Ennis RV Park for a month. He’s a plumber by trade, but his professional skills could not save his loss from a flood.

“I came home early from work Friday. Took a nap. Next thing I know, I hear something bumping around,” McMayhem said. “I wake up, and I step off of there about a foot of water.”

He said the pouring rain on Friday had shut down the refrigeration inside his RV with his wife. The living quarters now have an issue with the air conditioning. McMayhem’s truck for work submerged and left smelling like a muddy creek.

“This is how I make a living towing this vehicle around. Because I work out of town to support myself and my family,” he said.

McMayhem said his wife had to take off work to let him use his car for his plumbing job. He called it another blow to their income.

“When I got back it was a mess,” Juan Castro said.

Castro is a worker who rents a lot at the RV Park. He said water was inside his trailer. Castro was also impacted economically. The RV Park became a lake.

“See like all my tools were in here,” Castro said. “So, it (the water) was all the way to the top…to the tools.”


Castro lost his tools but is still on the park grounds. He had to wait for water to recede to get to his place.

In the meantime, firefighters had to come onto the property to rescue women and children who lived there. Tenants said the water swelled up from a creek near the property.

Recovery has been challenging for insured people for the past few days. Vicki Eastman, who is uninsured, has pastors from the Foundation of Life Church trying to get the public to assist through a GoFundMe.

As the small group tries to overcome Friday’s flood, the possibility of more rain by the end of the week is raising concerns.

McMayhem is trying to get to another RV Park, but truck repairs are

$3,000 to $5,000. And he said the muddy creek scent may not ever leave.

“It’s frustrating for sure, but we push forward,” he said.



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