Explosion in powder magazine left three dead in La Barca – El Occidental

Explosion in powder magazine left three dead in La Barca – El Occidental
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An explosion in a powder magazine in the municipality of La Barca, took the life of a person and left another injured.

The State Civil Protection and Firefighters Unit reported that the accident occurred in a house with address located on Juan Montaño street at the intersection with Mónica in the La Magueyera neighborhood.

After the explosion, the house caught and completely collapsed, as did a vehicle that was parked outside the property. As a result, an adult woman and a minor man lost their lives.

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Meanwhile, a woman and a man, 54 and 32 years old, respectively, were injured, which is why they were transferred to the La Barca Regional Hospital, where minutes later the woman died while receiving medical attention.

Municipal firefighters from La Barca, Jamay, Atotonilco and Ocotlán arrived at the scene, as well as officers from the Poncitlán Regional Command of the UEPCBJ.

Shortly after, officers from the Guadalajara Central Command of the USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) group were present with 2 rescue dogs to work on the release of the deceased who were trapped in the rubble of the farm, as well as to rule out more victims in the place.

The agency detailed that four neighboring houses suffered structural damage, so UEPCBJ inspection personnel were also present to carry out the corresponding expert reports and determine whether the properties are habitable or not, as well as the cause of the explosion.

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