Fun For All: Chautauqua Comics To Hold Annual Free Comic Book Day Event | News, Sports,

Fun For All: Chautauqua Comics To Hold Annual Free Comic Book Day Event | News, Sports,
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Families and people of all ages are invited to come out to the Free Comic Book Day event on May 4 at Chautauqua Comics. Submitted photos

A worldwide celebration, Free Comic Book Day has been celebrated annually for the last 22 years by comic book shops around the world. It is the comic book specialty market’s annual event where participating comic book shops give away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into their comic shops.

Located at 214 Fairmount Avenue, the Free Comic Book Day events at Chautauqua Comics begin at 11 am and run until 4 pm Saturday. Al Steffens, owner of Chautauqua Comics, said that the day is similar to Read Across America Day, except with comic books. Being in the area for 25 years, this is an event the store has celebrated since it began.

“Free Comic Book Day is a great event for the whole community,” Steffens said. “Bringing everyone together, finding books for everyone to enjoy, and seeing people of all ages — children, teens, and adults — sharing our passion for comics is incredible. Even if you’ve never picked up a comic book, we want to welcome everyone to Chautauqua Comics on May 4, because there are so many amazing comics this year and we can’t wait to share them.”

Following the same tradition they have used in past years, Chautauqua Comics will be raising money for Saint Susan Soup Kitchen. Attendees can donate one dollar or more for Saint Susan Soup Kitchen and spin the prize wheel to win additional prizes. In addition, there will be a charity raffle for Saint Susan Soup Kitchen where people can win prizes such as gift certificates to Applebee’s or Pokemon items and toys. There will be balloons for children and costume contests and Star Wars Characters in costume, along with raffles and hourly door prizes.

Last year’s line outside the shop on the day of the Free Comic Book Day Event for Chautauqua Comics. Owner, Al Steffens, said to expect a line but that it should go quickly.

Steffens said he expects to hand out thousands of free comic books on the day of the event, adding that the event is his way to give back to the community every year for their support. He also wants to use the event as a way to let people know that comic books are not just for one type of person.

“We want to get the word out that comic books are not just for teenage boys and that all types of people can and do read comic books,” Steffens said. “We have comic books for all people. “It’s not just a pigeonhole for one type of person.”

Comic books available on the day at Chautauqua Comics can also be for people who like shows such as “Doctor Who” or “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, or older comic books that are now being brought back like Popeye. Steffens also gave examples of the “Walking Dead,” “Spiderman” and “Superman.”


“If you enjoy TV and movies, there is most likely a comic book for it,” Steffens said. “If you were upset when a series ended, it probably continues in a comic book. “It’s not just for kids who might like things like My Little Pony, there are some geared towards adults as well.”

Steffens said people can expect a lot of fun at the event, and while they will probably have to wait in line, the line should not take very long. Attendees will be asked questions during the wait for the chance to win free prizes. There will also be hot dogs, treats like cookies, a box building competition to make a box to take the comic books home in, and a tent sale.

“I hope a lot of people will come out,” Steffens said. “Everything is free. There’s nothing you have to sign up for. You don’t have to make any sort of promises, like to come back for the next book. It’s eleven a year on the first Saturday in May, and people will hopefully take the opportunity to come out. There’s a lot you will miss out on if you don’t.”

While the event ends at 4 pm Steffens said if people come after the event is over they will still be handing out free comic books, and will continue to hand them out as long as they have them. This can continue into the next day as well, or as long as needed to hand out all of the books. For more information follow Chautauqua Comics on Facebook or Instagram or call 716-664-2287.

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