Governor allied with Trump sparks controversy by revealing that she shot and killed her dog because it was “untamable”

Governor allied with Trump sparks controversy by revealing that she shot and killed her dog because it was “untamable”
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In the context of the launch of her new political book, Kristi Noem admitted to having killed her pet with a firearm. The Republican also linked it to a political analogy, related to being willing to do “the dirty work.” It should be noted that the current governor of South Dakota could join Donald Trump’s campaign for vice president.

Kristi Noem, current governor of South Dakota and also a possible running mate for Donald Trumpconfessed that he shot his dog ‘Cricket’ to death for being “indomitable.”

This within the framework of a preview of his new book, delivered to The Guardian, where he made political analogies regarding the murder of his pet. He claimed to have done the “dirty work” since it was “necessary.”

He added that he “hated that dog” and that she was a “danger” to anyone who came into contact with her.

The book is called, “There’s No Going Back: The Truth About What’s Bad in Politics and How We Move Forward” and should be released for sale on May 7.

chain of reactions

Despite not yet starting its sale, the Republican’s statements They caused controversy on networkswhich prompted several politicians to refer to the issue.


The National Democratic Committee took advantage of the testimony to campaign, stating that “if you want to elect officers who do not boast of having brutally killed their pets, vote democrat“.

For his part, the Democratic candidate for governor of Montana, Ryan Busse, condemned the governor’s statements, stating that “anyone who has had a dog knows how nasty and evil this is“.

On the other hand, Meghan McCain, daughter of 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain, said that “you can recover from a lot of things in politics, but not to kill a dog“, the BBC co-signed.

In response to the criticism, Noem defended herself through a post on X, arguing that “they love animals, but that tough decisions like this are made on the farm“.

To this publication on networks, another statement was added, where the governor indicated that although some people may be upset, it is a story that happened 20 years ago, in a State where animal euthanasia is allowed if classified as dangerous.



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