Qantas app privacy breach sparks urgent investigation


Concerns arise as users report access to strangers’ personal details

Qantas, one of Australia’s leading airlines, finds itself embroiled in a concerning privacy breach as users of its mobile app report alarming incidents.

Customers accessing the app were shocked to find not their own information but instead the personal details of strangers, including names, flight details, and even boarding passes. The breach, which surfaced via social media posts, has prompted an urgent investigation by Qantas amid fears of a potential security hack.

‘I was able to access full booking details, including the ability to cancel someone’s flight to Europe.’

Reports emerged detailing how users were not only able to view strangers’ information but also manipulate bookings, change seats, and transfer points within the app.


This revelation has raised significant alarm among both Qantas customers and cybersecurity experts, highlighting the vulnerability of digital platforms to breaches of privacy and security.

A spokesperson for Qantas responded promptly, acknowledging the issue and assuring users that investigations are underway to address the breach.

The airline has vowed to provide further information as soon as possible, recognizing the gravity of the situation and the importance of safeguarding customers’ personal data.



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