Six and Day bond modification motions withdrawn | News, , Jobs

Six and Day bond modification motions withdrawn | News, , Jobs
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From left, Matthew Molica, Shila Day’s attorney, Day, Amy Bean, Noah Six’s attorney, Six, and Shawna Landaker, Six’s other defense attorney, look in the direction of Washington County Prosecutor Nicole Coil, who is not pictured, as she speaks during a hearing on modifying Six’s and Day’s bonds Tuesday morning. Both motions were withdrawn. (Photo by Michelle Dillon)

MARIETTA — Noah Boyd Six and Shila Kathyrn Day were back in court on Tuesday afternoon to address bond modification.

Six and Day had a hearing April 15, where Six’s and Day’s attorneys asked that their bonds to be modified to personal recognition bonds where they could be released to family because they had no criminal histories, did not flee during the investigation leading up to their arrests and they were not a danger to society or children and there was no danger of them fleeing.

Six and Day were indicted Feb. 14 on eight counts each, including involuntary manslaughter and reckless homicide, both felonies, in the death of their 5-month-old daughter, Luna Rayne Six. The cause of death for Luna Six was listed as complications from dehydration and malnutrition, with an unsafe sleeping environment contributing factor.

During the April 15 hearing, Day’s attorney Matthew Molica stated that Day’s parents were willing to have her released to them and they were checking with Day’s grandfather about whether Six could also stay with them. Day’s parents live with Day’s grandfather.

During that hearing Washington County Prosecutor Nicole Coil stated the she understood Day’s parents’ house to be “just as deplorable” as Day and Six’s residence and Day’s mother is not allowed around children. Washington County Common Pleas Court Judge Mark Kerenyi said he wanted Day’s parents’ home inspected by pretrial services and CPS to make sure it is a safe place for Day to “grow a human.”

The “human” Kerenyi was referring to is Shila Day’s unborn child. Both Molica and Coil confirmed at the April 15 hearing that Day is pregnant.

On Tuesday Molica said he wanted to “withdraw our motion to amend bond.”

Six’s attorney Shawna Landaker said she also wanted to withdraw the motion to amend Six’s bond.

Molica said he was withdrawing the motion because he needs more time to find a stable residence for Day. Landaker said she is withdrawing the bond modification motion for Six for the same reason.


During the hearing a set of pictures of a residence were discussed. Kerenyi ordered that Children’s Services’ pictures of the residence be put under seal and not made public because they are not evidence at this point. Coil confirmed after the hearing that the pictures Kerenyi is referring to are pictures of Day’s parents’ residence.

Coil declined to comment on what issues there are with Day’s parents’ home. Requests for comment on the residence from Molica, Landaker and Six’s other attorney Susan Bean were not returned by press time.

During the Tuesday hearing a motion regarding paper was also addressed. Molica stated he filed the motion asking that his office be allowed to give Day paper because the Washington County Jail does not allow people to bring prisoners paper but instead requires them to buy paper or a notebook from the commissary.

Coil said that unfortunately at jails in this country “individuals are smuggling drugs in pieces of paper with drugs in them” and the Washington County Jail has restrictions on where inmates can get paper.

She said that Day has a “healthy” commissary account and that she is asking for the motion to be denied.

Molica confirmed Day has a commissary account with funds but stated she uses the money to contact her parents and buy food because the food in most jails is “notoriously” poor.

Kerenyi denied the motion, stating it is because Day has funds in her commissary account. I have stated that the cost of a notebook at commissary, $2.73, is not unreasonable.

The trial for Day and Six is ​​scheduled to start May 8.

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