Baek Jong Won, Ahn Bo Hyun, Go Kyung Pyo and more confirmed for the second season of “The Backpacker Chef”

Baek Jong Won, Ahn Bo Hyun, Go Kyung Pyo and more confirmed for the second season of “The Backpacker Chef”
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tvN’s “The Backpacker Chef” will return with season 2!

“The Backpacker Chef” is a culinary entertainment show in which cast members, leaving with a single backpack containing a limited set of kitchen utensils and ingredients, have the challenging mission of cooking a custom dish in a limited time. in an unknown location under the direction of Baek Jong Won, a renowned chef, entrepreneur and television personality.

In the first season, “The Backpacker Chef” visited 18 different locations in five months and cooked 100 different dishes for more than 3,078 people.

Lee Soo Geun, a renowned and experienced artist who will be joining season 2, already had a with Baek Jong Won in the past when Baek Jong Won passed on a special recipe to him to use exclusively in “Kang’s Kitchen” and “Lee’s Kitchen.” Alone,” generating more anticipation for the chemistry between the two top artists this time around.

Heo Kyung Hwan, who already showed off his cooking skills in “4 Wheeled Restaurant,” will also join season 2 as a new member and as an icebreaker with his entertaining, social, and funny skills as a comedian.

Ahn Bo Hyun, who gained attention for being a perfectionist with plating, will return this season with improved skills, which he perfected just for this season, showing a deep affection for the show.


The addition of Go Kyung Po to the cast draws a lot of attention since he has not yet appeared in many variety shows. Go Kyung Po has frequently expressed his love for food and the happiness it brings him, which will help in his role as a passionate chef this season.

Lastly, Baek Jong Won, who orchestrated the kitchen and chef team last season, commented that he realized that many more places are needed than he had originally thought, so they will go to new places with more enthusiasm to thank all the people who support society by bringing them a hot dish. At the same time, he added, “However, I am afraid because I have experienced it once,” adding a touch of humor to the atmosphere.

“The Backpacker Chefs” Season 2 is scheduled to be released soon, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, watch Ahn Bo Hyun in “ Actors’ Retreat”:


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