He makes poetry his emotional escape after the pandemic

He makes poetry his emotional escape after the pandemic
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CHULA VISTA.- Generating an escape from the feelings generated by confinement during the COVID-19 pandemic led Ray Navarrete to capture his emotions in poems that he has compiled today in his most recent book titled “Kenosis.”

“I wrote the poems during the pandemic, they are poems that I have been writing and where, relatively, I am emptying my heart, the pain, the anguish, there are some that talk about insomnia, about all that havoc that the pandemic caused me, it is a compilation of the poems that I have been writing,” Navarrete revealed in an interview where he also announced that the book will be available starting May 10.

“On this occasion basically the first thing that came up was the title, the word ‘Kenosis’, it is a word of Hebrew origin that means emptying, emptying of the heart or soul, that term caught my attention, as I heard it at some conference , and I did a little more research to select the poems according to what the word implies,” he explained.

With a clearer idea of ​​what to offer his readers, Ray grouped and integrated each of the poems until he had a first draft.

“One morning I woke up thinking what is missing, then the idea or inspiration came to me to put a small sentence before each poem so that it would refer to the following poetry.”


Choosing poetry as a communication alternative that gives him security has been a way for Ray to express himself since he was a teenager, considering himself a very shy person.


“I am also a composer, but poetry has been a showcase since I was a teenager, I was very shy, very closed and I found in writing a way to externalize my feelings, my passions, my thoughts.”

“I was very reserved when it came to speaking or telling someone what I was feeling… it is a way of expressing what I have and somehow I realized that people identify with this, that has been a relief,” said the writer.


Being able to publish his book on a platform like Amazon has been an easy way for Ray to navigate the process, as it eliminates the limitations of the conventional publishing world.

“This book is published on Amazon, it is being distributed there. It is a wonder, it is a huge door that opens for all people who are interested in writing a book.”

“I plan to organize a workshop to show the benefits of this platform that came to break all the paradigms that existed around the process of literary publication.”

“Anyone who wants to publish a book can do so without the condition of whether a conventional publishing firm likes it or not,” he said.



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