Could Baja California become the of the West?


ENSENADA, Baja California.- The tensions between the States and China as well as the implementation of nearshoring make Mexico one of the best places to become the second market most important of semiconductors in the west.

Fernando León, rector of the CETYS System, mentions that Baja California, due to its proximity to Arizona, the United States and the presence of some important companies in the technology sector, could have an important participation. However, we need to build this scenario for the state to grow.



“I’m not going to get into the debate about which states are going to benefit the most from the nearshoring. Although the border is the first block that can benefit. But this depends on the conditions that are generated,” he adds within the framework of the CASE Latin 2024 organized by CETYS University.

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What elements make Baja California a key entity for semiconductors?

Baja California It is an entity composed of several cultures. As in San Francisco, a significant community of people from China make up the city.

Mexicans constantly travel to the United States and several Americans visit Tijuana and other important cities in the state.

Travel through cities like Cove It means looking at hundreds of cars with license plates from California.

This is one of the greatest advantages that this region of Mexico about others. Their culture makes them more receptive to other ways of thinking, businesses, industries and markets.

However, the economic growth and the entry of the entity into different industries will not happen alone, warns the rector of CETYS. Work is needed.

This in the educational sense, in addition, the government and the private sector need to start exploiting the industries that have already opted for Baja California. This with the aim of making the entity the next in the world of semiconductors.


“In some cases, nearshoring can make the country integrate into the value chain of companies that already exist. This essentially happens with the issue of semiconductors,” he says. Fernando Leon.

In Baja California There are already industries linked to technological sectors such as aerospace or medical instrumentation. For this reason, an important part that is worth taking advantage of is the integration of the country into the goods market. chips.

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Step by step, Baja California needs to start working

Regarding the industry semiconductorshe rector of the CETYS University System warns that not everything is about manufacturing these electronic elements. At least not at this moment. For begin to integrate into this sectorIt is best to start small.

“Let us remember that everything is not high ending. Mexico is not yet positioned for this. However, there are many complementary aspects that could help.”

Its strategy revolves around the technical preparation of students and working together with those companies that already dominate that sector.

For example, Phoenix, Arizona is home to TSMC, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, a company dedicated to the manufacturing and design of semiconductors. Its proximity to the entity makes it a company worth investing in.

Fernando Leon is convinced that Baja California can become the next power in the market semiconductors in the west, but they must face various challenges.

“It is important to say that the preparation of Baja California It is not a casual effort, it is a long-term and structured one. We are aware that some needs occur in the technical field and universities are an important actor to prepare the following professionals“.

Nearshoring, Mexico’s opportunity to beat China in the semiconductor industry



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