Five finds from Aliexpress’s Choice Day that fashion editors have on our radar for Mother’s Day

Five finds from Aliexpress’s Choice Day that fashion editors have on our radar for Mother’s Day
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From the Samba sneaker clone to accessories that exude silent luxury

We are in the final stretch to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Although at first, I thought about getting some jewelry, I quickly discarded it since the jewelry box was overflowing and as a good lover of trends and fashion that she isSurely, these clothes and accessories will make you much more excited. How could it be otherwise, on Aliexpress I have found the best products at an incredible price. We owe it all to Choice Day, available from tomorrow until May 8.

So that you better understand how you can get a clone of the Samba or the trendy bags that have our hearts full of love, at a bargain price, this is the information that you should take into account. We can find up to 60% discount on selected products by applying the different codes that I provide:

  • ACDES03: €3 discount minimum purchase of €29
  • ACDES08: €8 discount minimum purchase of €69
  • ACDES20: €20 discount minimum purchase of €169
  • ACDES30: €30 discount minimum purchase of €239
  • ACDES50: €50 discount minimum purchase of €369

These products have a free shipping on first order and the codes can only be applied one by each user. Even if this selection doesn’t arrive before Mother’s Day, it’s definitely worth the wait. They will be very surprised and, without a doubt, we will become the best daughters for life.

Five finds on Aliexpress

retro sneakers

Our obsession with the Adidas Samba has made us look for them everywhere. These sneakers They are so versatile that in any look they look spectacular. This clone is our chance to take the outfits that we see on Instagram, but without spending a fortune. They are elegant and quite comfortable. The price is 30.58 euros (before 73.69 euros)

*Some prices may have changed since the last review

Leather bag

The burgundy color has come into our lives to stay. Therefore, we need this elegant bag that will elevate our look just by looking at it. It’s pure silent luxury and very comfortable to carry thanks to its long handle, typical of a shoulder bag. Its closure is magnetic and it has more than one compartment to organize our belongings. The price of the bag is 17.48 euros (before 24.48 euros)

*Some prices may have changed since the last review

straightening brush

If we dream of the perfect straightening, we have found the perfect brush. That which we can take anywhere due to its compact design and that our partner will ask us to borrow money to trim his beard. It is super practical and only has three buttons to regulate the temperature according to our needs. The price of the brush is 25.33 euros (before 35.18 euros)

*Some prices may have changed since the last review

Buckle heel shoes

Kitten heels have returned because they are quite comfortable and we can confirm it with this model in burgundy color and buckle details. A very elegant way of walking and the perfect combination with our office uniform, always adding a little color. The price is 12.46 euros (before 46.72 euros)


Kitten heels

*Some prices may have changed since the last review

Book and bag organizer

Finally, an organizer for shoes or books, if in their free time we always see them reading something. These are transparent and stackable, so they will take up a lot of space. They are perfect for decorating the dressing room or bedroom. Although we can also store them inside the closet, putting all the accessories in order. They are acrylic boxes and the price is 30.74 euros (before 82.79 euros)

Acrylic Transparent Organizer

*Some prices may have changed since the last review

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Photos |@vickymartinberrocal, Aliexpress

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