Four men jailed for murder after woman lured victim by telling him she wanted to buy drugs


Four men have been jailed for murder and a woman for the manslaughter of Jordan Briscoe in March 2023. Jordan, 25, was stabbed to death in Tottenham, N15, after being lured into an ambush on false pretences to sell his killers drugs and has left his family “devastated”.

Police were called to Arnold Road at around 10.15pm on Sunday, March 5 2023 where Jordan was found mortally wounded. LAS paramedics attended alongside Met Police officers but despite their best efforts Jordan was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at hospital.

Karl Black, 43, of Cassiobury Road, E17, Jahoe Allen, 34, of Kings Road UB8, Ayyub Kigoz, 19, of Salop Road E17 and Jabir Sitar, 21, of Clacton Road E17 were all found guilty at the Old Bailey on Friday , March 22. Christina Manen, 37, of Lancaster Close, Ramsgate, was found guilty of manslaughter. Kigozi was also found guilty of stealing Jordan’s phone around the time of his death.

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Investigation revealed Christina Manen called Jordan on the day of his murder and sent him a message requesting to meet on Arnold Road so she could purchase drugs from him. In reality, she was not in London and was luring him into an ambush where she knew there would be others to meet him.

After murdering Jordan, Jahoe Allen, 34, went to Jordan’s girlfriend’s home in a ski mask and asked her if she found him attractive after he told her that her boyfriend ‘had been in an altercation’(Image: Met Police)

CCTV shows Jordan leaving his house to make the deal. At around 9.53pm, doorbell camera footage recovered by officers shows a group surround and talk to Jordan for around 11 minutes, asking him about drugs, his name and age and his religion. They then move out of the camera’s view and carry out the fatal attack. One person can be heard saying “Let’s go, let’s go” before they are recorded leaving the scene.

The group were seen meeting up at Black’s address in Cassiobury Road on CCTV before the murder before heading to the ambush site several miles away. While Black had planned the attack, he tried to distance himself by remaining out of Arnold Road, but close enough to control what was going on.

Christina Manen called Jordan to the scene of the ambush where he was murdered. She was jailed for three years for manslaughter(Image: Met Police)

Just before they left E17, Allen is seen outside the house appearing to do a jabbing motion towards the stomach area of ​​his co-accused, pre-empting what was about to happen.

Jordan’s girlfriend told police that a man wearing a ski mask had come to her home to say Jordan had been involved in an altercation. He told her it ‘wasn’t looking good for him’, before asking if she found him attractive. He then led her towards Arnold Road where she came across the police cordon. Officers were able to match the description she provided with the CCTV images to conclude this had been Jahoe Allen.

Ayyub Kigoz, 19, stole Jordan’s phone around the time he was murdered, adding two years to his 17 year minimum life sentence(Image: Met Police)

Claudette Briscoe, Jordan’s mother, said: “Our dearest Jordan was only 25 years old. He is not coming back and those sentenced are responsible for Jordan not being with his family and friends today. Our lives will never be the same due to the senseless actions of these men and women. “We would like to thank the police investigation team and the prosecution team for all their hard work.”

Karl Black, 43, planned the ‘violent’ murder but stayed away from the scene though close enough to control the killing(Image: Met Police)

The five accomplices were all sentenced at the Old Bailey yesterday (Tuesday, April 30) and were jailed as follows: Black – life imprisonment with a minimum term of 27.5 years, Allen – life imprisonment with a minimum term of 25.5 years, Kigozi – life imprisonment with a minimum term of 17 years for murder, plus two years for the robbery, to run concurrently, Sitar – life imprisonment with a minimum term of 19 years, Manen – Three years imprisonment.

Jabir Sitar, 21, was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum sentence of 19 years(Image: Met Police)

Detective Chief Inspector Linda Bradley, who led the investigation, said: “Jordan’s family remains devastated by his loss and our thoughts are with them. These four men carried out a pre-meditated and violent attack after bringing Jordan to the scene. They gave all evidence during their trial, but tried to blame each other. The jury saw through their lies. Our investigation showed that Black planned the attack with others and used Manen to lure Jordan from his home address.

“We are pleased the jury accepted our evidence and that these five defendants will now face a significant amount of time behind bars.”

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