Due to the first cold wave there is a lack of gas and some service stations suspend the sale of CNG

Due to the first cold wave there is a lack of gas and some service stations suspend the sale of CNG
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The first polar wave Had his first impact on consumers: since this Tuesday, service stations of the metropolitan area and the interior of Buenos Aires They began to restrict the sale of CNG.

It is a situation that is not unprecedented. It happened when gas was almost fully subsidized and now that a section of the Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline and that began the stage of more expensive rates with the government of Javier Milei.

In La Plata, the decision is seen in the sales areas: 30 businesses that have “interruptible” contracts They had to suspend the sale and we can already see the first queues for the missing. This type of agreement allows suppliers to suspend supply when household demand increases.

This is what happened these days in the AMBA area and in southern regions of the country, with the drop in temperatures.

Empty service stations due to lack of CNG. Photo Nievas

That’s why Camuzzi Gas Pampeana, Camuzzi Gas de Sur SA and Metrogas They cut off the “interruptible service” since Tuesday. And Naturgy Ban did so starting this Wednesday at 6. “Therefore, all CNG filling stations must be limited to the contracted firm transportation that appears on the invoice,” according to a communication that was disseminated at this time in the businesses that sell gas to fuel the engines of cars, trucks and transportation.

The measure reaches also to companies and industries that have high consumption and agreements with interruption. “It is a decision derived from the operational problems in transportation and distribution systems of this fuel,” they explained to Clarion at one of the distributors.

In the province, it involves 113 shops dedicated to CNG loading. He 80% are in Greater Buenos Aires. Companies that hire “firm transportation” can continue consuming, although for them the service is more expensive.


The first consequences of the determination impact on taxi drivers and taxi drivers. A tour of the streets of the Buenos Aires capital detected empty loading platforms and orange cones that prevented vehicle access to the pumps.

As explained Oscar Olivero, vice president of the Chamber of CNG Dispensers, the problem is in the transportation of the product. “We have enough gas and a surplus, but it is in Vaca Muerta. The gas pipeline that was inaugurated last year reaches Saliquelló. And the bottleneck is registered in the metropolitan area“said the leader.

The entity reports that there are almost 2,000 stations dedicated to this sector in Argentina and that only 400 have a “firm transportation contract.” And that, of that total country, 800 are in the Conurbano and CABA.

It is not defined How long will the restrictions continue?. “In other years, this was resolved with the provision of LNG (liquefied natural gas) that arrived in ships. But this product is four times more expensive and was previously subsidized by governments. Now that is not going to happen and so we do not know when they will restore the service for everyone,” Olivero clarified in an interview with La Cielo radio, in La Plata.

In 2021, the first interruptions were also recorded starting in May. Then, in addition to the cold, a protest measure carried out by union sectors in Neuquén had an impact. And that caused technical stops in distilleries.

A year later, there were restrictions from first day of april. It occurred coinciding with the start of the war against Ukraine, promoted by Russia and which disrupted all energy markets worldwide. Also due to a problem in one of the production companies that operates in the metropolitan area.

This time, the difficulties due to the reduction in the marketing system also register dispensers with crossed hoses in other cities. On Tuesday, in Mar del Plata, 50% of stations were reported unattended due to lack of CNG.



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