Bronny James’ Real Height Officially Revealed During NBA Combine


Size matters in the NBA. The NBA Combine is a chance for teams to get accurate measurements of potential draft picks. A prospect’s size can contribute to how effective they will be at the next level. Height and wingspan are the most important factors. The measures taken this week will probably have an impact on draft status, both positively and negatively. Bronny James’s official height, weight, and wingspan have now been officially tallied at the NBA combine. Some of his measurements of him are good, but others may impact how scouts see him as a prospect.

LeBron James’ oldest child, Bronny James, had a mixed showing in the measurements department on Monday. He measured 6-foot-1.5 without shoes, even though his official height at USC was 6-4. His height measurement is not great, but his wingspan was measured at 6-foot-8, which is great for his height and can make up for being 6’1. Overall, it will be interesting to see how Bronny can overcome his physical measurements and show why he is an NBA player. He has already impressed in a couple of other areas so far at the combine.

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LeBron James Officially Measured At The Combine

Bronny James also had an impressive vertical jump, which measured at 40-1/2 inches, making it one of the most impressive at the combine. Bronny also turned heads during the shooting drills. Despite the negative measurements, there were positives. He stepped out and finished 19 out of 25 in the 3-point shooting star drill to rank second overall among all competitors this year. Bronny also had a good showing in the 5-0n-5 scrimmage, showing his floater game and defense. Overall, Bronny is making positive waves at the combine despite his less than stellar height measurements.


Bronny has already expressed that his dream is to make it to the NBA, not necessarily play with his dad, LeBron James. Bronny is trying to carve his own lane after a disappointing freshman year at USC, where he had several major setbacks. The most promising thing about Bronny’s game is his athletics and shooting ability. If he can prove he can hold his own on defense and consistently hit 3-pointers, he might find a place in the league. Overall, height is important, but it is not everything when you have other gifts.

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