Abraham Mateo talks about the harassment he suffered after learning about Ryan Chapman’s story

Abraham Mateo talks about the harassment he suffered after learning about Ryan Chapman’s story
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X Factor 05/01/2024 00:12h.

Ryan Chapman, on ‘X Factor’.

Ryan Chapman arrived from Cartagena to the stage of X Factor‘, of English parents, but he was born in Spain, he told us his hard story: “At 14 years old they called me a shitty faggot or that I had a lot of pen and they created a lot of insecurities in me.”

Ryan Chapman’s important message: “Everyone who insulted me has lost”

This participant came with the desire to show the world and himself that he has left these insecurities behind and that he has great talent within: “I was very insecure and I was not my version, I want to show that I am now more sure of myself.”

Before starting her performance and after listening to her story, Vanesa Martín wanted to ask her something: “To all the people who, at the time, unfairly and in a rude way, insulted you, what would you say to them? “That they have not won, that they have lost”. “They haven’t won, they’ve lost,” he replied, raising applause from the entire set. And after which Vanesa Martin He made a reflection: “The damage you can do to a 14-year-old child with insults, love is skin and you never know what can happen to you in life“I think we have to evolve our heads a little.”

“I’m going to do it for me and for the 14 year old boy who was so afraid of him to face something like that, without complexes and without anything,” Ryan assured and began to cover the legendary song ‘Dancing queen’, creating a very special atmosphere on the set that drew loud applause from everyone present.

Ryan Chapman sings on the set of ‘X Factor’telecinco.es

The jury gives up on Ryan

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“Outstanding, how beautifully you sing, what a special voice you have. Thank you for daring to show us this version of yourself,” he told her. Vanesa Martinwho said ‘yes’ to him and he told how he had felt: “This is what I want to do, I was excited to sing with an audience and for it to turn out well.”

Willy Barcenas He said some nice words in his assessment: “Congratulations, I just hope that the insults don’t make you doubt your talent, people get very bored, there is always a way to attack, but you are much bigger than all that.” And then give him a ‘yes’.

Abraham Mateo: “I was severely cyberbullied when I started uploading videos”

Abraham Mateo showed a part of himself after seeing Ryan’s performance and his story: “I have also been 14 years old and I have lived through very complicated momentsIn my case it was cyberbullying that hit me very hard when I started uploading videos and it didn’t hurt anyone. There are people who still have a very closed mentality. You have tremendous sensitivity, you are an example to follow, the fact that you are here says a lot about your courage.” And he gave his ‘yes’ accompanied by some beautiful words: “Always continue doing what you do you like it without fear of what anyone tells you.”

The ‘X Factor’ jury stands to applaud Ryantelecinco.es

Laliwho did not hesitate to say yes: “You did it impeccably, the only thing that matters is what just happened, we wish those people the best, I hope they get out of that pit of evil because while you are here shining.”

Ryan Chapman is chosen by Abraham Mateo for his team

Ryan Chapman, Adrielt Jokro, Emmie Reek and Evvie, chosen by the jury for their ‘X Factor’ teams

Abraham Mateo connected so much with Ryan Chapman that the jury I chose him to be part of his team: “He is a person that I am very happy to have on my team because I have connected from the first moment, and he also has a superhero name.”



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