FIRST DATES | Surprise in ‘First Dates’: the reaction to a girl’s ‘I love you’ after being rejected

FIRST DATES | Surprise in ‘First Dates’: the reaction to a girl’s ‘I love you’ after being rejected
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‘First Dates’ It usually leaves us with some of the most peculiar and strange moments, at least on certain occasions. Although the objective of the program is for participants to find love, It is not always fulfilled.

The program is presented by Carlos Sobera. It premiered in 2016, and its success has been such that it has been proclaimed as a Cuatro referral program. Viewers can enjoy it Monday to Friday at 9:05 p.m..

Blind Date

‘First Dates’ together couples on a blind date. These participants will have a conversation over dinner where they will get to know each other and see if they are really compatible or not. At the end of the meeting, They will decide if they have had similar tastes and want to continue getting to know each other, or if, on the contrary, they prefer not to know anything about each other.

The program has brought together Sara (24 years old) and Pablo (25). The single woman has assured that she loves to make others hesitate: “Hesitation gives me life. It is the daily bread. I can’t do it without hesitation, life would be very sad.” Along the same lines, the diner commented that He likes to do “cutting humor.”


Pretty eyes

Upon meeting, the boy assured that he liked his date’s eyes: “He has some eyes that lift weight, but exaggerated”. Sara has explained that he is a tattooed boy and that he does not usually like tattooed people, But he has a pass.”

After this, the single woman has criticized some people who have tattoos: “To me, those people who say ‘I have a tattooed vulture or an eagle because it represents freedom’… No. It represents that you are foolish, no other thing”.

The man of my life”

During the date they got to know each other and saw that they have similar tastes, but there has been no spark on both sides. In the final decision, Sara has declared that she would have a second meeting with Pablo because she believes that he is the “man of my life”. However, the bachelor has commented that he would meet her, but as friends.

After this, the diner told him that they had to say goodbye and said a phrase that shocked him: “I love you Pablo”. However, the boy responded: “I don’t”.



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