from the warnings to Alejandra Rubio to the surprise of Kiko Hernández

from the warnings to Alejandra Rubio to the surprise of Kiko Hernández
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“Today I arrived at María very nervous. They have told me how they saw this project. It’s like saying: well, now we’re going to be on the internet, look what they spit up… It’s just that for me it is not Yonternet. ANDIt’s a program television, And what I liked about the beginning of the program is that we continue as always, we have not changed.”

Lydia Lozano was the author of this reflection this Wednesday afternoon in It’s not like we were Shhh, the renewed version of Save me, which has been broadcast with streaming, and summarizes the spirit of that format very well. Make a program like the one they did in the past on Telecinco, only with the limitations (and failures) of stream broadcasts. That is to say, this today is not Sálvame, but the evolution of him, his debtor, his heir, his clone, all at once.

Not even if we were Shhh I promised to return “boring television, without color or diversity”. They wanted to “return the mischief and the salsa”, the inconsequentiality, the chuminero dance of Lydia Lozano and even the pulpillo from which the exclusives are given.

[María Patiño: “No quiero que nadie decida quiénes son mis enemigos ni en política ni en el corazón; no me da la gana”]

The program was originally going to be called Not even if we were Save me, but Mediaset has not allowed it to be so. For this reason, they have decided to wrap it in tape like the one used by the police or on construction sites to hide this word from the neon that occupied the center of the set. Maria Patino ran the farm, with Belén Esteban, Víctor Sandoval, Lydia Lozano and Kiko Matamoros around it.

There are no more gags, and thus, the collaborators have distributed tow left and right. In particular, there have been (bad) memories towards the Campos family, since neither Terelu nor Carmen have written to their colleagues wishing them luck. AND Kiko Matamoros has also taken the opportunity to settle some accounts with Alejandra Rubio, whom he defended, perhaps excessively, in the past, even throwing his own credibility overboard.

Belén Esteban in ‘Not even that we were Shhh’.


There is already open talk about how Mediaset once vetoed Rosa Benito and Sofía Suescun, although now they open the doors to them. They have even revealed that if Sofía was removed from Mediaset three years ago due to a problem with an advertising contract. Well, he asked a company for an extra fee to promote one of his products.

Not even Kiko Hernández wanted to miss the party

The program has to find its own rhythm. They no longer have a powerful company behind them like Mediaset, and that limits the number of videos they can post and comment on. All information is given verbally, without the support of images, without videos that provide context..

There were occasional sound failures, many moments in which everyone was talking at the same time and it was not understood, and chaos reigned on the set. Even Belén Esteban opened a window to smoke. David Valldeperas, like Supertacañón, interrupted the broadcast giving orders that we all heard, as if the cell phone had to be placed like this or if Víctor Sandoval had to remove his head from the middle of the shot.

Not even Kiko Hernández wanted to miss this premiere. “I wish you all the luck in the world, and in nothing, in nothing, I am there,” he promised, through a video call. Something that was a joy for everyone who was on the set. Thus, a future participation was left up in the air once she finished her theatrical commitments, and she even winked about how they will be so successful that They will manage to beat “AR”. That is, Ana Rosa Quintana, something that María Patiño tried to stop. And it is thatdespite the fact that they boast of not having gags, there are lines that everyone follows without wanting to cross.

Hence it was proposed start tomorrow’s delivery from the Mediaset door if they exceeded 200 paying subscribers on Twitch, something that didn’t please Belén Esteban or María Patiño, but that seemed great to Kiko Matamoros and Víctor Sandoval.

The last section of the program revolved around why it ended Save me. And for this they have received Esther Mucientes, author of the book Me for Sálvame Ma-To which details everything that happened at Mediaset that led to the decision to close the program, and how it was leaked to the press. And so, the journalist has confirmed that her final was solely to give way to a new Telecinco, which can be enjoyed at this moment.



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