The advice from the greatest longevity expert to to 100 years “Fast for 12 hours and a diet based on plants and fish”

The advice from the greatest longevity expert to to 100 years “Fast for 12 hours and a diet based on plants and fish”
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longer and better It is perhaps one of the most ambitious goals that we humans have set for ourselves in the last century. And there are some, like Valter Longo, who have answers to these great unknowns. Director of the Longevity Institute at the of Southern California, Longo is known for his research in the intermittent fasting and its effects on health and aging.

For those who believe that intermittent fasting entails great sacrifices, Valter Longo also gives hope: like a good Italian, His fight for longevity combines it with foods that include pasta and bread, despite the fact that these types of foods are part of what he considers “the five poisonous ‘P’s.” Because as Socrates and Aristotle explained, it is not just about extending life, but about living it fully; and how one should live to reach a good old age.

In fact, this Italian biologist and professoravoids flour and raises the flag of fasting as a possible roadmap to live longer and better, but does not give up some whims in his diet, foods that, despite not being on the list of the most recommended, also include them for enjoy for its flavor.

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“I eat pasta and bread every day, but my body mass index It is 23″points to Infobae in relation to your healthy BMI (between 18.5 and 24.9)as recommended by the US CDC.

Longo and his team found that limiting food consumption to certain periods of the day can significantly improve health and extend life, being an effective measure against diseases and aging. Courtesy Valter Longo

The professor of Italian origin is today the man of the moment, one of the doctors most consulted by those who want to live 100 years or more. This earned him Time magazine to highlight him among the 50 best health references in the world and call him ‘the evangelist of longevity’.

After a decade of research, initially in mice followed by clinical trials in humans, his program was found to reduce the incidence of diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Your daily dietary recommendation promotes a low consumption of proteins and sugars, prioritizing healthy fats and vegetable products.

His method is based on a reduced intake of carbohydrates and proteins, emphasizing fatty acids. Their website explains that their special diet imitates fasting, keeping the body in a state similar to meal time restriction. This activates a set of defensive responsesa result of evolution, thus optimizing the functioning of the organism, promoting cellular regeneration and favoring adaptation to adverse conditions.

With expert Craig Wilcox and an Okinawan woman in her nineties Courtesy Valter Longo

Longo supposes that the Bible reference in Time magazine is a little too big for him. “It occurred to them that I like to consider myself an evangelist for living a long and healthy life.”expresses this man who does recognize himself as a food scholar, in a similar vein to professor David Sinclairan expert geneticist and aging specialist Harvard Medical Schoolwho is a fervent defender of plant based diet as another gateway to longevity.

As if he were a superhero, Longo alternates his days as a scientist with his lab coat, an image that transforms when he arrives home and takes up the electric guitar in his free time, the he has had since he was a child when he played in bands. of rock.

Longo also rubs shoulders with the stars. A few years ago he participated in an episode of the documentary series Goop, along with the actress Gwyneth Paltrow. “We talked to her about the diet I propose and aging,” explains Longo.

Longo, featured among the 50 best figures in world health by Time magazine, has dedicated more than a decade to researching fasting and its impact on reducing chronic diseases. One of his best-known books is The Longevity Diet.

The Italian researcher defends the extension of a healthy life. He has researched the genes responsible for aging and has written bestsellers such as The longevity diet.

He recently published a study based on clinical trials with elderly participants, including some from his hometown in Calabriawhich shows that Their fasting protocols can reduce biological age and prevent diseases linked to aging.

The investigation A diet that mimics fasting causes changes in liver and blood markers, indicative of biological rejuvenation and a reduced predisposition to disease.emphasizes that the metabolic syndrome It affects about 37% of the States population and 49% of individuals over 60 years of age, increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and mortality.

Valter Longo, renowned scientist and director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California, defends the practice of fasting at meals

Furthermore, it highlights that not only the amount of calories ingested and the composition of macronutrients are determinants for health and longevity, but also the period during which daily intakes are made.

Longo and his team of researchers determined that limiting the period of daily food consumption, known as time-restricted eating, is linked to health benefits and prolonged life. Similarly, they explain, intermittent fasting results in protection against various diseases and contributes to lengthening life expectancy.

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Today Italy is home to one of the enclaves of the oldest populations in the world, what is called blue zones. Which are? This is Loma Linda, in California; the Nicoya peninsula, in Costa Rica; Vilcabamba, in Ecuador; Sardinia, in Italy; Caucasia, in Georgia (in the former Soviet ); Hunza in Pakistan and the Okinawa Peninsula in Japan.

The truth is that never before has the term longevity been talked about like now, an issue that was reinforced by some awakenings caused by the pandemic. “Now we know that we can be healthy and happy during that long period of life”Longo postulates.

And he exemplifies with an anecdote: “Once I asked my Catholic mother, she was very religious, if she would like to live to be 300 years old. Surprisingly, she said yes, she said, ‘so she could see you, the children, and your children’s children grow up.’”

—You recommend in your book “The longevity diet” eliminates what is called “the 5 poisonous Ps” (pizza, pasta, animal proteins (especially those rich in fat, potatoes and bread). How problematic can it be to eat these types of foods on a sustained basis? ?

-I’m not saying that you have to eliminate them, you just have to eat them moderately to maintain an ideal body weight. I eat pasta and bread every day. However, most people take in too much of what I call the 5 ps. People should eat them, but maintain a normal weight and percentage of fat mass.

With actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who told in a documentary series that she follows the diet proposed by Longo


—And what benefits does moderating them bring?

-If a longevity diet focused on aging is followed, all age-dependent diseases such as diabetes, cancer and associated heart diseases.

Longo is 56 years old but those close to him maintain that he looks younger. Born in Genoa, northwest Italy, as a boy he spent his summers in Molochio, Calabria, a town renowned for its high number of centenarians.

“A delicious sample of the Mediterranean diet, packed with fresh vegetables, eggs, fruits and the distinctive olive oil. A feast of flavors that not only nourishes the body, but also promotes health and longevity. (Illustrative image Infobae)

At 16, he moved to Chicago to live with his uncles, who followed the so-called “Chicago diet,” based on sausages and sugary drinks.

There, during his stay, Longo had his hobby of playing guitar in various blues clubs. He had a rock group called DOT. At that time he was a doctoral student and already showed a fascination with nutrition.

That is why he campaigned against the contemporary Italian diet, rich in sausages, lasagna and fried vegetables, which he considered harmful and a source of various diseases.

Longo in Sardinia with all centenarians Courtesy Valter Longo

Valter has two distinctively Italian fascinations: food and the process of aging. He says that he wants to live to be 120 years old, and legumes, fish and fasting are his workhorses.

—There are those who say that changing to this type of healthy diet can return memory to a youthful state. Is it really possible to rejuvenate the 20-year-old brain, as Dr. Sinclair recently suggested?

—I don’t know if at 20 years old, but possibly it works like a younger or much younger brain.

—Metformin, a drug hailed as an ally in longevity, is currently making waves in the United States. What are your opinions on this medication?

—You have to stay away from drugs and use the longevity diet, the diet that imitates fasting, healthy foods and exercise. It is the best.

The exercise recommended by Longo includes 150 minutes per week, plus an hour of walking daily, emphasizing the importance of selecting enjoyable activities that can be maintained throughout the year (Illustrative image Infobae)

—What type of exercise do you recommend doing and for how long per week?

—150 minutes a week, 15 minutes should be more strenuous. Plus 1 hour a day of walking. Choose something you enjoy and can do all year round, like biking, skiing, or running.

—What other recommendations do you have for living more than 100 years?

—Fast for 12 hours. Maintain a diet relatively high in veganism and fish.

—I would like to know more about your personal preferences in terms of food. Do you fast and for how many hours?

—I fast for 12 hours every night and do 1 or 2 FMD (Fasting Mimicking Diet) per year. This is a plan that imitates fasting, they are 5-day diets derived from plants with low protein content, low in sugars, low in calories and high in fat that can cause metabolic and cellular reprogramming, as well as reduce stress factors. risk for aging and diseases. I believe the FMD is now available in South . I also don’t have lunch from Monday to Friday.

Longo had several bands when he was young. As a guitarist and rock fan, he recommends Led Zeppelin Courtesy Valter Longo

—Regarding your current research, what aspect of longevity studies interests you most at the moment and what do you want to explore in the future?

-The impact of FMD diets on reversing diabetes and improving cancer therapy. We hope to use them against many diseases and aging.

—How old do you think people will live in the future? 100? 120 years? Will this be possible? Because?

—It will be possible to reach 100 and more, but only for people who do everything necessary to get there. The rest will live to be 80 years old and the last 30 or 40 years will be done by using a lot of drugs.

—Is there any band that you recommend as a guitarist to listen to precisely throughout your life?

—As a rock musician that I am, I have to tell you that that band is Led Zeppelin.



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